Automatic Parking Disc:apt4 Magnetic by Nikolaus Frank

Nikolaus Frank Discloses The Apt4 Magnetic Automatic Parking Disc

Nikolaus Frank, the thinktank behind the awarded project Automatic parking disc by Nikolaus Frank explicates, APT4 Magnetic is the modern alternative to the conventional cardboard parking disc. APT4 resets itself automatically every time the vehicl <Cropped>

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Ready Folded-Wearable Art by Szatmari Beata Greta

Szatmari Beata Greta Illustrates The Ready Folded Wearable Art

Szatmari Beata Greta, the creator of the displayed work Ready Folded - Wearable Art by Szatmari Beata Greta says, The debutant collection Ready Folded-Wearable Art draws it's inspiration from traditional Japanese origami elements. The designe <Cropped>

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Renata Gutierrez and James Rowland's Triz Lamp

Renata Gutierrez and James Rowland Discloses The Triz Lamp

Renata Gutierrez and James Rowland, the creator of the displayed work Triz - Lamp by Renata Gutierrez and James Rowland demonstrates, The singular design of Triz allows it to be wall mounted in a total of six orientations, suspended from the ceiling <Cropped>

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Origami-Kinetic Table by Micaela Pignatelli and Ubaldo Occhinegro

Micaela Pignatelli and Ubaldo Occhinegro Illustrates The Origami Kinetic Table

Micaela Pignatelli and Ubaldo Occhinegro, the designer of the awarded work Kinetic table by Micaela Pignatelli and Ubaldo Occhinegro illustrates, ORIGAMITABLE is a mechanically expandable table that is inspired by the ancient oriental technique of fo <Cropped>

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Call For Expression of Interest For Shelter Design For The Protection of Mosaics At An Archaeological Site in Cyprus

Please Read Call For Expression of Interest On Getty Conservation Institute Web Site: Http://

Please read call for expression of interest on getty conservation institute web site:

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Award Winning Reconnecting The Human Relationships Office

Chia-Hung Weng Spotlights The Reconnecting The Human Relationships Office

Chia-Hung Weng, the lead designer of the award winning work Office:Reconnecting the Human Relationships by Chia-Hung Weng points out, On the basis of the cold white reflecting the daylight, the large ceiling windows and glass walls create the bright <Cropped>

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Food Feeder Plus-Food Feeder by Kidsme

Kidsme Discloses The Food Feeder Plus Food Feeder

kidsme, the creator of the highlighted design Food Feeder by kidsme illustrates, The Food Feeder Plus not only helps children to eat alone, but also means more independence for the parents. Babies can hold by themselves and suck and chew it after you <Cropped>

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Intelligent Luggage by Trunkster

Trunkster Shares The Trunkster Intelligent Luggage

Trunkster, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Trunkster by Trunkster illustrates, Trunkster is world's most revolutionary luggage featuring a first-of-its-kind sliding rolltop door for faster access than traditional zippered luggage. In <Cropped>

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Large Floor Lamp by Arturo Fis

Arturo Fis Portrays The Blumen Lamp Large Floor Lamp

Arturo Fis, the maker of the award winning project Award Winning Blumen Lamp Large floor lamp explains, At over 2 meters (7 feet) tall, glowing in 16 million colors and 1000 shades of white, this colossal lamp is a design and technological wonder. Ea <Cropped>

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Cedar Sushi by Shigeki Kunimatsu

Shigeki Kunimatsu Portrays The Cedar Sushi Package

Shigeki Kunimatsu, the maker of the awarded project Cedar Sushi - Package by Shigeki Kunimatsu says, Cedar sushi is a mackerel sushi wrapped by a thinly sliced cedar tree. The wood box using local cedar materials is made by local forestry workers. Hi <Cropped>

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