Book Design:way of Knowledge by Yuta Takahashi

Yuta Takahashi Spotlights The Way of Knowledge Book Design

Yuta Takahashi, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Book Design by Yuta Takahashi explicates, This book is called "The Way of Knowledge and the Holy Spirit" by Michael Debus. In it, the author attempts to make ancient myths understa <Cropped>

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Award Winning Anamamrete Experimental Project

Emese Orban Portrays The Anamamrete Experimental Project

Emese Orban, the lead designer of the displayed work Anamamrete - Experimental project by Emese Orban spells out, Anamamrete project offers new and innovative ways of using concrete in architecture, interior, product, furniture or accessory design. T <Cropped>

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Sebastian Popa-Ardora Candle

At Design Interviews

Interview with Sebastian Popa : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Sebastian Popa : Ardora looks like an ordinary candle, but in fact it is very special. After being lit up, as the candle gradually melt <Cropped>

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Laguna-Modular Sofa by Elena Trevisan

Elena Trevisan Shows The Laguna Modular Sofa

Elena Trevisan, the designer of the displayed design Laguna by Elena Trevisan explicates, Laguna designer seating is an extensive contemporary collection of modular sofas and benches. Designed by the Italian Architect Elena Trevisan with corporate se <Cropped>

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Link by Chanyeop Jeong

Chanyeop Jeong Creates The Link Broadcasting Equipment

Chanyeop Jeong, the creative mind behind the award winning project broadcasting equipment:Link by Chanyeop Jeong says, Multifunctional broadcasting equipment that helps communication between a service provider and a viewer. The number of personal b <Cropped>

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Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award

The Indicator of Quality and Perfection in Design, a' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Is Now Open For Entries

A' Design Award and Competition is now open for entries for Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category. Winners of A' Design Award and Competition will receive Design Excellence Certificate, Lifetime license to use the A' Fashion a <Cropped>

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Carolina Falcão Duarte's Nidus Hospital Bed For Children

Carolina Falcão Duarte Demonstrates The Nidus Hospital Bed For Children

Carolina Falcão Duarte, the architect of the award winning project Hospital bed for children by Carolina Falcão Duarte explicates, Nidus is a concept bed for children treated at hospitals. The project aims to present a design consistent with human <Cropped>

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National Palace Museum Award-The 8th National Treasure Merchandise Design Competition

National Palace Museum Awardobjective The National Palace Museum (npm) Has Organized a Series of Design Competitions, Campus Seminars, Representations and Award Ceremonies to Promote The Cultural and Creative Industry, Pass Down a Wealth of Chinese Cultu

National palace museum awardObjective the national palace museum (npm) has organized a series of design competitions, campus seminars, representations and award ceremonies to promote the cultural and creative industry, pass down a wealth of chinese <Cropped>

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International Competition Border Zone by Ruben Tapias Cañas

Ruben Tapias Cañas Presents The 1785m International Competition Border Zone

Ruben Tapias Cañas, the lead designer of the awarded design 1785m - International Competition Border Zone by Ruben Tapias Cañas demonstrates, 1785m is the result of the substitution of an infrastructure like an airport, for another infrastructure a <Cropped>

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Goby-High End Hospitality Furniture by Tonik-Karim Rashid

Tonik-Karim Rashid Creates The Goby High End Hospitality Furniture

Tonik - Karim Rashid, the designer of the award winning work Goby by Tonik - Karim Rashid explains, Tonik is a hospitality furniture brand wrapped around a full blown design statement that pushes beyond boundaries and transforms everyday spaces into <Cropped>

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