Honey Dipper by Miriam Mirri

Miriam Mirri Spotlights The Acacia Honey Dipper

Miriam Mirri, the author of the award winning work Acacia - Honey dipper by Miriam Mirri spells out, The "Acacia" honey dipper is the result of a research into the sweet world of honey and mathematical structures generated by 3d software. I designed an object suitable for the use with different kinds of this delicacy. The hexagonal structure of the honeycomb forms an empty sphere joined on a conic stem to compose a single steel object. "Acacia" was designed to sweeten hot drinks or accompany side dishes with the desired quantity of honey. .

Honey Dipper by Miriam Mirri Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=43416

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